Disability Benefits Training & Consulting (DBTC) is comprised of two companies. It was created because of the very big service gap in social services. Our first function is to provide training regarding federal benefits. The second is direct case work. This direct case work is handled through A.S.S.I.S.T. our Assertive SSI Service team.

Our Mission: to train as many social service advocates in expediting federal benefits for people with severe disabilities as possible.

In April, 2010 DBTC began training agencies through workshops and lengthier “on-site” training programs statewide and regionally.

DBTC’s training is mostly conducted on an agency by agency basis. Training is customized as much as possible for the needs of the agency and with the agency’s budget in mind. We have several formats we offer, but more importantly, any arrangement can be made that suits an agency’s schedule, e.g., over time, half days, specific cases that we can help with, etc.


  • One to four hour workshops: For conferences or groups, explaining how your case managers, social workers or advocates can become involved in helping with this badly needed service and bringing badly needed federal revenue into your communities.
  • One day: Orientation to the work of a Benefits Specialists or non-attorney representative. This is a very in-depth look at the job description and the work itself.
  • Two days: Training overview of the Social Security disability application. A beginner’s course.
  • Five days: Very thorough on-site training for as many people as the agency would like to train. We call this “SSI Boot Camp”. By the end of the week a trainee will have everything they’ll need .in the way of technical tools for research, forms, file set-up, data tracking spreadsheets and tricks of the trade.
  • A.S.S.I.S.T. is a homeless outreach agency. Our focus are the severely disabled people experiencing homelessness who are not connected with mainstream services. Our representation begins by helping the person start or appeal their applications and fully documenting their disabilities.

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