What We Do?

We train people to represent themselves and/or others in the Social Security Disability application process. Our assertive and early claim intervention model aids claimants and the Social Security Administration in processing the initial applications in a much more thorough manner.

You do not have to be an attorney or hire an attorney to have rapid and positive results.
We can teach you how to help yourself, your patients, consumers, or clients, how to receive disability benefits much more rapidly than the years it can often take. We do our very best to keep the case out of the national appeal backlog. Getting it right the first time is our motto.

Attached is the flow chart of what a claimant must go through if their case gets into the Social Security Administration’s appeal process. These statistics are SSA’s most recent data. 2.5 million people filed for Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in 2008. It is expected that an additional half a million claims will be filed this year.
SSA Disability Claims Chart