Who Wants This To Work?

The Social Security Administration.
At the highest levels of the Social Security Administration it is their number one priority to reduce the lengthy amount of time it takes to help someone receive their benefits if they qualify, and to upgrade and automate the application process.

Here is Social Security Commissioner, Michael J. Astrue‘s own declaration in 2007 to Congress:

“My top priority is to reduce the backlog of disability cases. This is America, and it simply is not acceptable for Americans to wait years for a final decision on a claim. We are overdue for a change, and we are committed to a process that is as fair and speedy as possible. To achieve this goal, we have taken or will take soon, a number of steps to better manage our workloads. The program includes four components:

  • Accelerating review of cases likely or certain to be approved;
  • Improving hearing procedure;
  • Increasing adjudicatory capacity; and
  • Increasing efficiency through automation and improved business processes.”

DBTC’s complete documentation model assists SSA staff in processing claims in a more rapid and thorough manner.